How it works?

We have aligned the whole process to answer all needs an ecommerce website for tailoring. The process is straightforward and we can advise along the way.


Choose a plan

Choose a plan (Rent or Buy) based on your needs and budget. Rent if you want to try us out, or Buy if you're ready to take full control and get your webshop out there.


Share your info

We understand you will have some preferences of how you provide your service. You will be taken to an secure area to share your fabric images, pricing, style preferences, shipping info and 'taking payment' details.


Getting set up

We will setup and configure your Tailorbase system to match your tailoring services within a timeline of around 72 hrs. Additional time will be needed for the production and entry of your products (Fabrics)


Invite customers

Whether your customer base is local or global, you can easily create a measurement profile and account for them - No matter where your customers are located, you can create a measurement profile and account for them.


Tailorbase is a farily new concept and we know you'll have a few questions so here goes.

Ready to get started?

Simply choose a plan that fits your business needs and budget.