How it Works?

Tailorbase is set of enhanced forms for your WordPress website. By choosing a plan, you'll be recruiting online marketing specialists in the online Tailoring industry.

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1. Choose a Plan

Choose a Plan based on your needs and budget. Yearly subscriptions save you money and Enterprise comes with additional marketing services.

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2. Your Services

You will be taken to an secure area to share your fabric images, pricing, style preferences, measurements, shipping and PayPal payment details.

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3. Getting Set up

We will setup and configure your Tailorbase system to match your tailoring services and optimise the performance within a timeline of around 72 hrs.

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4. Grow Customers

You will be added to a management platform and will receive maintenance reports (Enterprise plan includes marketing campaign results)


Tailorbase is a new concept and we know you'll have a few questions so here goes.

Ready to get started?

Simply choose a package that fits your online and business positioning needs, monthly subscriptions or discounted for yearly.