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What can TAILOR do for me that I can't get from a regular or boutique store?

A retail store carries standard and selective inventory and styles, and that's all they can offer you. Whenever you buy from a retail outlet or a boutique store, you are always buying 'off the rack'. At TAILOR, custom bespoke tailoring is our only business. That's why we can create fully custom made shirts, suits, trousers, tuxedos and other garments in the exact style and fabric of your choice and specifications. In addition, we also offer you these premium features for additional customization and to make your suit that much more bespoke. We are also able to duplicate any of your favorite garments that you may already own and give it more of a personal touch.

For Custom Suits: Options and styles to make your clothing truly unique

- Hand-embroidered initials or full name inside jacket
- Full options of inner-linings and buttons
- Functional or non-functional button holes on sleeves
- Additional inside pockets
- Hand Stitching on lapels
- Matching pocket squares (on request)
- For Custom Shirts:
- Hand-cut, hand turned collars
- Hand Stitched
- Monograms
- Generous tails
- Over twelve collar styles to choose from
- Collar & Cuff Lining (Suede Ribbon, Printed Fabric)

Ordering fabric swatches, so that i can feel the fabric before committing?

Swatches of our fabrics are available for those who would like to see and feel the actual material and color before placing an order. Each set of swatches has between 20 to 50 different fabrics and color choices available for ordering at the price of USD 20/-. Please bear in mind that it can take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks for the swatches to be delivered. If you would like and express delivery within 1 week an extra cost of only USD 20/- will be charged. Each set contains several fabric and color choices available online and offline for Suits, Jackets and Blazers, Trousers and Shirts that is in stock in our inventory.

Do you share your customer list with other companies?

We never have, and we never will. Here at TAILOR we respect and value your privacy thus we will never give out ANY information to a third – party. Our records and databases are securely protected and can solely be accessed by the management at TAILOR.

Can I speak to someone in management?

Yes – Most Definitely! Call us at (+66) 266464687 or 07736623652 You can also email us at info@tailorbase.com our business hours are Monday – Saturday from 11am – 9pm (ICT).

Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out?

Not at all. Once you have visited or ordered from us, we store your records on file making re-orders easy. If you want to order something new, all you have to do is select the fabrics and styles. If your measurements have varied, do tell us so we can make a note of it on our files to make it easy for you to order from anywhere in the world.